Plaztik Mag Video Issue #21: THE SINGULARITY

Starring: Monika B. @ Fusion Model Management
Produced & Directed by: BORED FAST
Music: “Spaceships” by Jmzs Smith
Styling by: Mimzy

Hair & Make Up by: Ryan B. Anthony

Location: The Bomb Shelter

-Cynthia Rowley
-KahriAnne Kerr
-Patricia Fields

-vintage Chanel
-Marc by Marc Jacobs
-Fabulous Fanny
-Reminiscence NYC
-Roberto Cavalli
-Search & Destroy NYC

ONE DAY Gold Bars by MentalMi

ONE DAY Gold Bars made of solid plaster & sprayed a million times over with 24K Gold Spray paint for the Bushwick Art Park at Factory Fresh during Bushwick Open Studios 2011.

The Bushwick Art Park was a one day sculpture park event with works from Skewville, Leon Reid IV, BÄST, Celso, & many amazing others….
I’m just the “new jack” so totally lucky & thankful to be included.
I got to play amongst my heroes & imagine myself to be something more than I ever dreamed of!

That one day was golden….








While visiting other artists studios in the area for BOS 2011, we found this antique safe from what looks like the 1930’s (?) that was abandoned and unlocked.
A perfectly safe place for One Day.

Thank you to Ali & Ad of Factory Fresh for all their support!! The Bushwick Art Park is their beautiful idea. For more info on the project & to see additional photos from the Bushwick Art Park event at Factory Fresh click link below:

Plaztik Mag Video Issue #20: FASCINATION…

Plaztik Mag Video Issue #20: FASCINATION…

Starring: Rita & Adrienne

Produced & Directed by: Bored Fast
Music by: Jmzs Smith
Styling by: Mimzy
Hair & Make Up by: Ryan B. Anthony
Location: The Lab

Special thanks: CiscoNYC

-Maurie & Eve
-Goddess of Babylon
-Affinitas Intimates
-The Pretty Collection by Sassybax
-Brulee Loungewear Collection

-Raquelle Bianco
-Marc by Marc Jacobs
-LyraLoveStar Jewelry Collection by Crystal Street
-Betsey Johnson Eyewear
-Bodhi Handbags
-Hoisery courtesy of Search & Destroy NYC
-Dana Davis Shoes Collection
-Maurie & Eve Shoes

Do you remember?

A look back at some of our favorite NYFW coverage over the last several years.

Photos: Bored Fast

Downtown Girl – Diana

**Plaztik Mag Editorial Blog Exclusive**

Plaztik Mag Video Issue #17: DOWNTOWN GIRL
Starring Diana G @ Code Model Mgmt
Photo: Bored Fast
Styling by Mimzy
Make Up & Hair by Kinzee Kubrek
Locations: The Lab, East Village Book Store

Wardrobe: Timo Weiland, Shipley & Halmos, Boudoir D’huitres, Kate Cummings

Accessories: Timo Weiland, Marc by Marc Jacobs, vintage gloves & belt (stylist own)

9 Easy Pieces: Mette of Asteroids Galaxy Tour











artist: Mette of Asteroids Galaxy Tour
photos: Bored Fast
style: Mimzy
mua: Crystal Clark

Clothing: Ashish

Accessories: Betsey Johnson, Chanel, Tomoko Igarashi, Mental Mi, Marc by Marc Jacobs

snow day

When was the last time you built a snowman in your adult life? I’ve always been too busy. A typical corporate creative over-achieving New Yorker with 60-plus hour work week, full side-hustle agenda and love for design that never ends… until I realized one dark, puffy eyed sleepless night that my personal life had ended and all I had left was a frazzled sense of self worth.


Seeing a snowman in the city always mystified me because judging from the sidewalk traffic in the garment district I believed everyone was just as laborious if not more. “Who could possibly have the time?” I thought, snickering & judging harshly at the idea of idle fun seeking New Yorkers but deep down I was really jealous of the whole snowy creative process of design at play. This snow day, I promised myself to be the kind of person who would have time for simple childhood joys and non-sense as building a snowman in the middle of the meat packing district at 2am just for fun.

DSCF3346 (Mimzy wearing Marc by Marc Jacobs cashmere coat for snowman building good times)

It was cold and the first snow does not pack very well (something we would know if we built more snow men) but I think our guy came out pretty cool. Jmzs & I named him “LUMPY”. He’s an over-worked, stressed-out New Yorker snowman… can’t you tell from the look on his face?

DSCF3349 (Jmzs wearing Y-3 coat for snow ball dodging)

So, when you head off to that 5 ‘o clock meeting, followed by dinner ordered in to the office from that same godforsaken ‘ol pasta restaurant, followed by black car sedan ride home (often idolized in fashion movies) that’s suppose to be quiet & pleasant but actually turns into a yelling match with the non-English speaking car-service operator because in your hyper-sensitive, angst-driven world of superficial perfection, no one “gets” you and they can’t help but fuck something up…

DSCF3340 (Brooklyn Industries… Live/Work/Create)

…which may or may not be a big deal at all… but for YOU… this is your so-called life. You’re too narrowly focused to see pass the insignificant details to let go of what is out of your control.

Take a step back, breathe, and just remember that it’s the fairytale creatures, the misfits, the weirdos, the wanderers, the flakes, the poets, the vagabonds, the idlers and the snow man builders who make life worth living. Trust that it’s never too late. You CAN be apart of that life on the next snow day… or ANY given day, for that matter. Find the balance, and set yourself free. Start slowly…with a snow angle, perhaps?

Elegance is Refusal





photo: Lisa Ramsay
girl: Monica/BMG Models
girl: Johanna/The Mattison Agency
style: Mimzy
mua: Nan Yan
location: Planet Rose, NYC

wardrobe: Maurie & Eve, G-Star Raw Collection, Bracewell, Oscar the Third

accessories: Betsey Johnson, Sheri Bodell, G-Star Raw Collection

jewelry: Delphine-Charlotte Parmentier, IOSSELLIANI, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Chanel, Reminiscence – NY