Jon Burgerman doodles NYFW with misfit team Plaztik Mag!!

Remember when fashion illustrators sat in the Front Row as the latest TRW designer collections came streaming down the runway? 



We’ve covered NYFW since 2006 and have yet to run into anyone sketching fashion fresh from the runways.

This is what it usually looks like now… and I’m among the sorry sons of waving digital capture tech in everyone’s face…. you’re guilty too.



We’re so annoying!!  I know!!

So to make it up to you for shoving my ginormous lens in your face, for this New York Fashion Week Spring 2013 Collection, PLAZTIK MAG is bringing along this guy…. artist Jon Burgerman. 


Jon Burgerman, Artist Doodler


The International Doodler and salad enthusiast will join this bunch of misfits : 






We’re bringing back art to the fashion front rows.  One doodle at a time.


Have a great NYFW and we’ll see you at the show!


*JON BURGERMAN has risen to be one of the prominent key artists in the recent boom of modern day practitioners who traverse the disciplines of contemporary art, design, illustration and entrepreneurism. His award winning work can be seen globally from gallery and bedroom walls to cinema and iPhone screens. A sense of British self-deprecation, dry humour and modern-day anxiety imbues his work along with an enthusiasm for salad. He has received a Cannes Lions Advertising award, two D&AD Silver award nominations and has collaborated with brands that include: Pepsi, CocaCola, Nike, Sony, Sky, Kidrobot, Puma, Nintendo, MTV, Levis, 55DSL, Miss Sixty, AOL, Size? and Rip Curl. He also designed a special sick bag for Virgin Atlantic flights.

For more info on artist Jon Burgerman, visit

Vintage Front Row Fashion photos via CFDA

Jon Burgerman sketch doodle courtesy of

All other images PLAZTIK MAG 2011–12

Caught on Set: Behind the scene with Jon Burgerman

A lil peak of life on set with Jon Burgerman, International Doodler turn Fashion Male Model for the day. Jon does awkward well and we giggled endlessly during the day long shoot. He welcomed us into his home office, art/music studio in Brooklyn to capture the UK transport’s first settlement in a new foreign land where he claims to have no friends. He sang a few songs from his band Anxieteam, fed us biscuits, made us tea then sent us away even bigger fans of his colorfully neurotic free flowing anxiety filled art and we can’t get enough.


ANXIETEAM Felt puppets of Jon Burgerman & Jim Avignon handmade by Felt Mistress The Jim Avignon doll looks quite handsome!! Don’t you think?








Don’t loose faith! More fashion & art along with Q&A from your favorite doodler coming soon to Plaztik Mag!!

photos: BORED FAST / Plaztik Mag 2011