the Gypsy Caravan lives on

Yesterday afternoon, we rolled uptown to Barneys and found our girl, Alison Corrie, in the front window (of the coolest department store in town) laying down the finishing touches on her Gypsy Caravan!

Not sure why, but I imagined the Barneys Gypsy wagon to be made of kyptonite or some special Barneys designer cardboard… much to my delight, this wagon is made of cardboard collected from the street, just like the first one Alison built for the BOXED IN group art show presented by Plaztik Mag & Factory Fresh back in May!

Barneys‘ Gypsy Caravan is not only bigger than the first wagon Alison created but of course especially approved by the man himself, Simon Doonan, and will display Dries Van Noten’s new fall collection to be hung on a clothing wire. Alison may even lay out egg carts in the window floor as she did at Factory Fresh!

Ad of Factory Fresh had to “tend” the egg-crate garden everyday while BOXED IN was open because Z loved to roll around in the swordfish plant!! But hey, wouldn’t you? In my imaginary life (or is it Morgan & Alison’s imaginary life?) swordfish plants would be abundant for all and the hills would be rolling in onions & potatoes. Air dry Dries on a wire isn’t a bad addition!!

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photos: Mimzy

Boxed In to Barneys NY

BOXED IN artist, Alison Corrie, will be constructing her commissioned Gypsy Caravan for Barneys NY famed windows today!!!

Alison first made this cardboard Gypsy Wagon at Factory Fresh for the BOXED IN group art show that Plaztik Mag curated with 11 other artists. We are so curious to see how big it will be and what materials will be used for the Barneys version! Hopefully we will be able to catch a glimpse of our cutie working hard in the window later today! Congrats Alison!!

John Bartley is the Champion!!!

John Bartley’s sail car design for the Morgan Sheasby National Sail Car Regatta was undefeated and took home the coveted REPLAY gift bag of goodies!!

Here are some of the other contestants who competed in the Sail Car Regatta. There were many who came with pre-designed Sail Cars to race. For those who wanted to race but did not already have a car, Morgan Sheasby set up shop in The Putting Lot for Regatta hopefuls to design their own Sail Cars on sight out of recycled materials. To our delight, every single table at The Putting Lot was full of Sail Car dreamers who spent hours building their car for the big race!!

yea yeah!!

One minute they are just really cute, cool, art school kids that happen to be Alison Corrie‘s room mates in Brooklyn and before we could say yea yeah, Matt & Kim are officially rock stars performing live at the Barcardi B-Live event co-hosted by Plaztik Mag along with our friends at M2 Ultra on Wednesday! It was madness and we couldn’t be happier for them!! We love Matt & Kim!!