Follow your inner moonlight; don’t hide the madness

Gallery show openings and Art Fairs are beautiful & inspiring but nothing beats getting to see your favorite artist in action on some abandoned street in Bushwick. After a dump of a day in the office, we fell off the work-week-wagon and headed straight to Factory Fresh for a sneak peak of the artwork going up for Saturday’s Bushwick Art Block Party with All City.

A quite epic moment, we witnessed Faile & Bast stenciling together! This hasn’t happened in years!! That gate is now PRICELESS!! Totally unhinging the gate immediately after the block party.

Gaia buffed by Ad Deville!! Well, just the bunny ears anyway. But Gaia took it like a good sport and kept on painting. He completed the majority of this piece in only a couple of hours. Quite amazing for all the detail.

It was about 40 degrees & hella windy out but Imminent Disaster & Chris Stain painted late into the night. That’s what it is all about… being able to do your thing at all cost or hour of the night, despite the dropping temperature, gusty wind or dark world working against your creative vision.

Join us tomorrow to see the real deal hard at work to complete this abandoned street’s make over!

All City’s Block Party at Factory Fresh
When: Saturday, November 20th
Time: 2 – 7pm, Dots premiering at 7pm