Caught on Set: Behind the scene with Jon Burgerman

A lil peak of life on set with Jon Burgerman, International Doodler turn Fashion Male Model for the day. Jon does awkward well and we giggled endlessly during the day long shoot. He welcomed us into his home office, art/music studio in Brooklyn to capture the UK transport’s first settlement in a new foreign land where he claims to have no friends. He sang a few songs from his band Anxieteam, fed us biscuits, made us tea then sent us away even bigger fans of his colorfully neurotic free flowing anxiety filled art and we can’t get enough.


ANXIETEAM Felt puppets of Jon Burgerman & Jim Avignon handmade by Felt Mistress The Jim Avignon doll looks quite handsome!! Don’t you think?








Don’t loose faith! More fashion & art along with Q&A from your favorite doodler coming soon to Plaztik Mag!!

photos: BORED FAST / Plaztik Mag 2011